“When we started The Martini Workout we were two aging seniors rounding third and heading home. We are now sliding into second. Seriously, we feel great and enjoy the exercise and fellowship even at an ungodly hour. It’s as good as a Beefeater Martini properly chilled.”
Phil & Bette

“A big part of remaining competitive on the squash court at my age is staying strong and injury-free. The Martini Workout is part of my weekly routine to stay flexible and strong especially in my abs and back. The class is challenging and the workout varies so it doesn’t become boring. I know the exercises have really helped me.”

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“My problem is a chronic bad back. My orthopedist said that the best thing I could do was to strengthen my abs and when Jess told me about The Martini Workout I was sold. The first few classes hurt so much that I thought of bringing a gun to class and shooting the instructor – but while it hurt I could also feel the exercises working. I now have been taking The Martini Workout classes for over a year and I no longer think of killing the instructor (this is all in fun, of course). My back feels a lot better, my posture has improved and my gut is flat – the way it should be. This is a great program.”

“Before I started workout out with The Martini Workout, my joke was that, unlike others who start shrinking with age, I am getting taller. My evidence . . .? Every day as I bend down, the floor keeps getting farther and farther away.”



I’ve been a devoted follower of The Martini Workout since it started in 2002 – that face alone tells you how much I like it! Strength and flexibility are of paramount importance, and I can see and fell the difference this workout has produced. It is amazing how much more flexible I have become in a short time.”

“The Martini Workout has been a great experience – building strength in muscles I never even knew I had and focusing on the core. I’ve noticed an increase in my flexibility over the months of stretching, which has helped me on the golf course. What I really like about the class is the variety – we aren’t doing the exact same thing all the time so there’s always a new challenge. I highly recommend The Martini Workout, especially as a way to get the day started – how else can you have a martini before noon?