Welcome to The Martini Workout®

We understand that total body stretching and core abdominal strengthening is key to a better life ~ both at work and at play.

Our instruction is provided in several different ways: class settings, demonstrations & warm-ups, exercise guides and in a digital format.

How we got our name . . .

In an effort to demonstrate proper form of an abdominal exercise and prevent lower back injury, Athas captured the attention of her class by having them lie on their back and balance a martini glass on their stomachs while performing certain abdominal exercises. In order to prevent lower back injury, abdominal strengthening must be performed with proper form. Keeping the martini glass balanced helps to ensure that the exercise is done correctly. The demonstration was quickly understood and enjoyed and the name of the workout was born.

The Martini Workout® is a workout that everybody can do and benefit from.
Our focus is on total body stretching and strengthening of the core abdominals. Techniques combine modified Pilates, total body stretching and old-school exercises.

Following our workout, we then head to the lounge and enjoy a signature
The Martini Workout Cocktail™ or a The Martini Workout Smoothie™
and mix and mingle with friends.


The Martini Workout

About the Founder:

The Martini Workout® was developed based on the experience, personal style and spirit of its founder, Jessica Athas.

Athas combines a comprehensive mix of her knowledge and experience in competitive sports and exercises to create a program that brings fitness to an entirely new level of innovation.

Athas has trained on both the East and West coasts in a variety of techniques, which has resulted in a unique, signature style. For over the past eight years, she has offered The Martini Workout® programs and has travelled extensively to host private, corporate and charity events in:  Aspen, Boston, Beverly Hills, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Manhattan, the Hamptons, Palm Beach and Miami.

The Martini Workout® is about the multiple facets of good health and good living ~ It’s about finding a balance between life and lifestyle and enjoying it. The name, The Martini Workout® attracts both men and women who don’t exercise and those who do.

Our Martinis:

We understand that the majority of us are weight conscious. That's why our signature vodka martinis are no-to-low carb, under 200 calories and garnished with antioxidants.

NOT TRUE = the vodka martini cancels out the workout.
TRUE = the next day you may be in a little bit of pain from the workout and/or from one to many martinis.

We work with a variety of smooth tasting, high-end vodkas. Companies interested in partnership opportunities please contact us.